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「Hi Folks:
It was over 70 F in Northampton this weekend and suddenly June―as in Django in June―is not seeming so very far away! If you haven't already registered, allow me to suggest 11 reasons why you should plan on joining us this year for either our full-immersion offering, Django Camp, or at least for the weekend.
Joscho Stephan (guitar)
Biel Ballister (guitar)
Gonzalo Bergara (guitar)
Gustav Lundgren (guitar)
Aurelien Bouly (guitar)
Michael Horowitz (guitar)
Tim Kliphuis (violin)
Evan Price (violin)
Rob Reich (accordion)
Jamie Masefield (mandolin)
Martin Sjöstedt (bass)

Now, I'll grant you that we're not the only Django-inspired event with great musicians on the bill. All the best Gypsy jazz festivals offer that. (And I recommend you go!) But ours is the only one at which the artists have this job description: to work and play directly with you all day long. One place this happens, of course, is in the day's structured learning opportunities: a morning warm-up on Core Repertoire, followed by three 90-minute class sessions organized by level and/or instrument. But the artists on our staff are also sharing meals with you on the Smith College campus and staying right there in the dorm. There's time to talk, time to hang, time to jam.

In fact, your time with this year's teachers can begin right now. I've asked them to submit something for you to study as Django in June approaches and so far we have fine contributions from Joscho Stephan, Gonzalo Bergara, Evan Price, Tim Kliphuis and Rob Reich, with more on the way in coming weeks. You can access that material (and way more, all for free) from the pages of djangoinjune.com devoted to helping you get ready musically. Even if you've been there before, check out the pages devoted to "2nd Tier Tunes" and to the above-mentioned contributions from this year's teachers. Both have new material. I hope you find something there of interest.

Please note that the cost of registering for Django Camp goes up monthly, so now is your last chance to enjoy the March rate. You can preregister (or register in full) from this page of the website:

If you are among the many people feeling the squeeze of a tight economy this year, also note that discounts on tuition are an option for a limited number of Campers on a first-come-first-served basis. So if you want to be here, let me know now and let's see if we can get you here stress-free

I look forward to hearing back from you soon!」



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